Is Security Just A Check Box Exercise?

The IRS sent tax lien notices to the wrong addresses for taxpayers even though the agency had the correct addresses in its system, according to a July report by the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Though the agency re-sent the notices, the incorrect mailings were potentially illegal because the IRS is required by statute to notify taxpayers at their last known address within five days of filing Form 668(Y)(c), Notice of Federal Tax Lien. IRS…

A common misconception that security is a simple tick box exercise that businesses have to suffer through for their compliance requirements. The fact of the matter is simply placing a guard at the door to your company does not mean you are secure.

The ‘security industry’ and ‘security professional’ is an industry or role that understands threat modelling, risk management and brings skills to support and influence organisations.

‘Security’ is not a guard, a barrier, a camera, or even an ops manager role but a hidden (or ignored) perspective that requires knowledge to match effective and pragmatic controls to vulnerabilities based on the level of risk, ambitions and limitations of the organisations leadership team.

At Lateo Risk we have a comprehensive understanding of the security industry and threats business’ are faced with physically and digitally on a daily basis and whats more is that we deliver pragmatic cost effective solutions that are right for you.