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In 2020, some of the largest companies in the world had their clients’ data breached. For most independent businesses, this could spell liquidation. What’s worse is that 48% of UK businesses have a basic skills gap in terms of cyber security. Give yourself and your clients peace of mind when you work with us to secure your business.


professionally certified

When you contract a service you should carry out due diligence on the service provider to ensure they are suitably qualified and experienced in the service being provided.

Here at Lateo we select the best consultants from around the UK ensuring they have a good balance of experience and qualifications across security related topics and skill sets.

Our consultants are qualified by several industry recognised certification bodies such as ISACA, ISC2 and BCS, so you can be assured that not only are we knowledgeable in our relevant subjects but we are also following ethical and industry standard good practices.


Full uk coverage

We are based in the North West of England, however our coverage spans the whole of the UK and beyond. We have supported organizations from local business to major national Government and private sector programmes. All our pricing is UK based so no matter where you are you in the UK we can guarantee you will not pay more. We can also support international assignments across APAC, AMER and EMEA on request.


Simplified Services

“Security made Simple”

Security can be a complex sector. It reaches into all business functions, regardless of size, sectors or functions. Not only that but it can go beyond your own boundaries through your supply chain and you clients.

We work with each of our clients individually to understand their specific requirements and select one of our simple service provisions whether this be an all inclusive Security Implementation Program (SIP), a ISO27001 certification , Security Education and Awareness Training (SEAT) or standalone consultancy - we have the non-intrusive service to help you secure your organisation whilst enabling you to meet your objectives.

Client satisfaction
We have a 100% satisfaction rate from
all our services and clients.
Of clients are now fully protected
Your security is our priority.
Annual cost reduction
£250,000 saved in 2021 by reviewing and addressing ineffective security controls.

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