We put secure in security

Security Governance means that we will coordinate the security activities of your organisation in a safe manor. We help you review and implement policies and processes, training, resource management, recruitment and selection, roles and responsibilities. What’s more we provide effective ways of communicating across all areas of your organisation.

Risk Management is an umbrella term which means that we will analyse, evaluate, and treat the risks within your business. From threat modelling to asset assessments, our risk management programmes will help provide a pragmatic and defendable security framework that supports your business objectives and limitations specifically.

Compliance means that we will provide assurance from low level internal reviews to formal UKAS accredited ISO 27001 certification or Cyber essentials we can help you understand your current position and improve upon it. This ensures that your organisation is following industry standard security procedures, keeping your data protected.

We provide a converged alarm, CCTV and access control package that helps keep your physical environments safe and secure. One of the most common ways an organisation is infiltrated is through poorly protected buildings. It is vital that your organisation is protected both digitally and physically.

We help upskill your staff or prepare you for an examination, with a host of formal training courses and workshops. Additionally we can provide bespoke training. All our training can be provided online, in the classroom or at your venue. Training ensures long term security as staff continue to implement training into their workflow.

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