Access Control

Access Control

We provide a converged alarm, CCTV and access control package that helps keep your physical environments safe and secure. One of the most common ways an organisation is infiltrated is through poorly protected buildings. It is vital that your organisation is protected both digitally and physically.

Access Control refers to a dictation over who or what has access to certain areas of your business. There are three main elements of this service – identification, authentication and authorization. Firstly, identification is the process of recognition which can be done through the likes of an ID card for example. Secondly authentication, this process is essentially going to boil down to confirming or proving something to be true and valid, in the case of security an example of this could be a scan such as a biometric. Furthermore, authorization refers to the authority that you are willing to grant based on the needs of the circumstance, an example of this could be through the form of key cards. Through authorization such as this you would then be able to pick and choose which areas of the premises though cards can access. It is important to note that through our access control package, we are capable of minimising the damage of a data breach, this is done by isolating and limiting areas of your business to only what authorization is necessary for their workflow. We don’t want to allow a marketing employee to have access to the financial information for example as it is not necessary for their role.

Through our service your business will be provided a converged alarm, CCTV and access control package. These will ensure that your physical environment is safe and secure. Additionally, our sophisticated access control methodologies are capable of being dynamically adapted, subject to the evolving needs and risks of your business.

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