Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management is an umbrella term which means that we will analyse, evaluate, and treat the risks within your business. From threat modelling to asset assessments, our risk management programmes will help provide a pragmatic and defendable security framework that supports your business objectives and limitations specifically.

Risk management is an ongoing process in which risks are identified, analysed and treated throughout a business. This process begins with risk identification. Risk identification is the practice of locating and explaining potential or current risks, regardless of whether they have a positive or a negative impact on your business. Risk can be considered as simple uncertainty and the effect this may have on your organisation’s objectives, hence the fact that risks could be seen as beneficial in some scenarios. During Risk Identification, we will assess risks that are both under your control and those which are not.

The second phase of Risk Management is Risk Analysis. During this phase, our goal is to understand the threats assets and vulnerabilities after analysing them. Analysis will include considering the source of the risk, the likelihood of the event occurring, the consequence of said events and more. Concurrently we will take into account the objective assets and culture of your business.

Risk Evaluation is the third phase, and it is here that we will assess the likelihood and impact of the risk materialising may have on your organisation. This may will help you decide with how to best deal with the risks within the parameters and limitations of your business. them. Finally, after identifying, analysing and evaluating the risks of your organisation we can begin to focus on treating the risks. This will be by prioritising the risks and based on your risk appetite and tolerance levels who best to manage them.

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