Security Governance

Security Governance

Security Governance means that we will coordinate the security activities of your organisation in a safe manor. We help you review and implement policies and processes, training, resource management, recruitment and selection, roles and responsibilities. What’s more we provide effective ways of communicating across all areas of your organisation.

Security Governance refers to a collection of practices and responsibilities that we will integrate within your business. It is essentially an umbrella term for many different exercises that should be performed on all levels of employment. We will create an environment in which employees can incorporate these principles into their everyday workflow, from something as simple as changing their password regularly to encrypting sensitive data. One of the most common ways data is breached is through your employees, it is unfortunately not enough for one element of an organisation to maintain security. Security is a business function that is integrated into all aspects of the business. We use Security Governance to improve security across all aspects of the organisation.

How do we achieve this?

Governance Risk and Compliance. Our services function most effectively when tailored to each business as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will start by working with you to gain an understanding of your business, it’s objectives, assets and culture by reviewing your current processes. This is to ensure that we can incorporate Security Governance without disrupting the general workflow or the ethics of your organisation. We will then begin our risk management services to identify and analyse your risks as outlined by our risk management specialists. This includes digital, physical, and human assets and covers all areas of risk within the business. Finally, we will seek to mitigate these risks through developing a proactive, organisation-wide infrastructure of security. This system will be integral in ascertaining that your business is protected as best as it can be.

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