We help upskill your staff or prepare you for an examination, with a host of formal training courses and workshops. Additionally we can provide bespoke training. All our training can be provided online, in the classroom or at your venue. Training ensures long term security as staff continue to implement training into their workflow.

Courses include the following and many more:

 Identifying Phishing emails |  Safe Internet and Email Use |   Safe Social Media Habits |  Cloud Security | Passwords and Authentication | Social Engineering | Insider Threats |  Removable Media | Physical Security

This is a service we provide to ensure that your staff are trained to identify and resolve risks independently. Our programs are concise, memorable, and actionable. We can provide a range of training options from formal and accredited courses to bespoke workshops tailored to your Security Governance.

We are flexible with how we provide our employee training and are happy to accommodate whichever method you believe your staff will benefit the most from, be that online, in the classroom or at your venue. Your staff will be upskilled in preparation for an examination. We will use the data gathered from this to assess whether staff need more training as well as to give you the confidence that your employees are educated on threats.

In conclusion, we want to ensure that we put up the best defence we can against malicious attacks. In order to do so we need to get to a point where every member of staff is upskilled enough to identify and report risks of their own volition because one of the biggest threats to your data is uneducated employees allowing something to get through your line of defence.

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